i'm nineteen
im a nursing student, hating every moment of school
cant wait to be done and work wth KIDS and BABIES, not adults and seniors
im outgoing, different, and dont care what others think
if you want to know more; ask

i think im cool

i think im cool

so many changes, so little time

so in the last 24 hrs i :

broke up with my boyfriend

decided i dont want to be a nurse

quit my placement class

applied for another program

decided im moving in september

decided im going home for the summer

accepted a job offer

ouf. rough week, and its only tuesday

new goals

so instead of having a new years resolution, i set myself new, um, goals? if thats what you want to call it. or maybe challenges? we all know knowing follows through their new years resolution, so y waste energy on it?

so here they are

to get ready for the summer, from now on i will TRY to do these things:

- not eat out, AT ALL, unless its tea from timmies, cause its roll up 

- drink a tea atleast once a day

- minimise juice drinking

-minimise bread,pasta, junk food eating

-brush my teeth twice a day, floss, whitening strips, and mouth wash :)

- do some wii fit  or zumba on the wii atleast twice a week

- when it gets warmer i wanna start taking walks again :)

-eat bfast, cause i rarely eat it

im on a good start. i already did my whitening strips today :)

also, i skipped the bread at the grocery store today. i bought salad for my lunch instead, and many other fruits and veggies.

i also got some yogurt, and i already have granola :)

however, i doubt ill be able to do the wii this week.. i got lots to do this week. including an exam and essay

i dont like being super strict on myself, cause then ill just give up, so im flexible :)

decisions, decisions

so my friend offered to try to get me into the hospital for housekeeping for the summer, which is 22$/hour. but then my mom calls me and tells me the daycare i worked at back home wants me back. i miss that place.

i dont know what to do!

I made it

I made it through the week.

well kinda

i half-assed everything. I had two exams, which one i didnt study for, and the other, well i studied for maybe 15 minutes on the bus. why do i do this to myself. this semester, my goodness, ive been slacking HARDCORE!

i had a psychology lab due today, well i finished it last night, missing half the elements that were required.

reading week start officially tonight after my anatomy class. Im hoping to get two asignment started, if not done,. and to update my resume.

drinks tonight :)

drinks tonight :)

single life is much easier

sometimes i wish i was still single. 

i loved it so much. i didnt even want to end my single life, but i got sucked in a relationship. my first one. and he’s not even happy

he always says im not affectionate enough, i should be kissing him more and cuddling more. 

once again he was complaining about it today, and then says im acting like we’re just friends. gosh thatd be so much easier if we were just friends. I wanted that, but he didnt even want to have anything to do with me cause he was so mad at me, until of course he sucke dme back into a relationship

i swear im meant to be single my entire life lol 

my little business :) 
visit and like my page!

my little business :) 

visit and like my page!


i wanna work here
disney hospital :)
not sure how it work though to transfer from canada to the states :S

i wanna work here

disney hospital :)

not sure how it work though to transfer from canada to the states :S